About Our Ministry

Here at New Hope We believe in Unity both in Our Assembly and Globally In The Body Of Christ. We also believe in not just being committed to our Assembly but being committed to each other as a Church Family. We have and are commited to helping people find a New Beginning in Christ or go to a New Level In Christ if they already walk with Him. We have been Called and Anointed by The Lord Jesus and set forth to accomplish this goal. We have served in Ministry for over 20 years. Our endeavor is to keep "Religion" out or our Assembly and embrace a relationship with The Lord based upon revelation of his Word and Spirit. We believe that "Religion" kills and offends people but that Jesus makes people alive and heals them. We are in Ministry because of our strong love and commitment to The Lord and the price He paid on Calvary and the sufferings prior to Calvary. His passion was and is You & I and our passion in return is to labor for Him in the same passion and save and rebuild the souls and lives of men, women, young adults, teenagers ,children and finally the family unit. We believe He is a God of New Beginnings and that His Mercys are New every morning. We believe that you will find our Assembly refreshing and Gods Presence is greatly with us. Many find a desired breakthrough as they Worship with us and also find God breathed Purpose for there once broken and shattered lives. Our Ministry is given to numerous aspects which includes Salvation but is not limited to that. We specialize in helping people with personal growth and inner healing and change that brings a new direction of great success as Gods Word Declares is possible for whosoever will come to Him in complete surrender. This includes drug and alcohol addiction, physical abuse in all aspects and healing from deep hurt pains and sorrows. We trust not only in His Divine Ability and Wisdom to minister and Council this but In His Divine Presence to accomplish this as well. ​We hope to see you soon and are excited for the opportunity to meet you but also see the Great blessings and Healings and Purpose that Gods getting ready to release into and though your lives.

Pastor DC Lemon and Assembly