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Jeremiah 3:15

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

About our Pastor

Pastor Daniel Curtis Lemon was called into Ministry 20 years ago by The Lord shortly after being born again according to Acts 2:38. He is someone that has been delivered from many types of strongholds and generational curses including drug & alcohol addiction and various forms of abuse. He is very passionate about his relationship with The Lord and also with those he is assigned by The Lord in the spirit to help and Minister to. His trademarks in Ministry are Faithfulness and Commitment. Before anything else the scripture says a man must be these things. He serves Globally  as Apostolic Covering as Anointed to do so by The Lord. He relies upon the Gift and the Anointing of the holy Ghost not only to give him revelatory knowledge and understanding but administer that which God opens his understanding to through his life. Some have labeled him "The Fireman" . He is noted as Very Anointed and Gifted by many folks In The Body Of Christ. He has a heart for people and believes that if your a Shepard and you don't smell like the sheep then your probably not Pastoring as you should. He also believes that all people are saved for a Purpose and that God wants to use all of us to build His Kingdom. He strives at helping each person to find  purpose and also to develop it in there lives and walk it out in Gods Perfect Timing. A Church is made up of a team of individuals that God brings together for His Purpose in the Earth. All of us have something God desires us to do for Him. No greater joy then not just living for The Lord but being used by Him to fulfill destiny. Our Pastor is a thoughtful kind caring person. Has a heart to really love people and help them excel on a personal level and is willing to take the time to help them accomplish that. A good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. Pastor Lemon is committed in studying and expounding on Gods Word and is admired as having a prolific way of delivering it through the gift and anointing of the Holy Ghost.